Yotam - 3

Yotam Ariel

Former naval squad leader specializing in sensors analytics, founded an energy startup with operations in 15 countries

2 - Richard

Richard L. Lachance

Deployed 6 satellites for clients including NASA, Ph.D. in optics, developed chemical detectors for NATO

3 - Giancarlo

Giancarlo Cesarello
VP of Strategy

Former senior geoscientist at Shell and Schlumberger, pioneered data products with thousands of users

4 - Vincent

Vincent Delisle
Lead Software Engineer

Led teams at multi-billion dollar tech firms and startups, Ph.D. in optics, pioneer of AI techniques

6 - Nicole

Nicole O’Keefe

Researcher at Stanford and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), public relations support for Qualcomm and Dell

5 - Alex

Alexandre Thibeault
Lead System Design

Engineering at CERN (world’s top particle accelerator), implemented control systems for energy companies

Board of Advisors

Chris Hadfield - 5

Chris Hadfield
Space Operations

Former astronaut and commander of the International Space Station, received NASA Exceptional Service Medal

10 - Lisa

Lisa Bencivenga

25 years of leadership in aerospace and commerce compliance, supported clients including Boeing

7 - Bob

Bob Jeffe
Industry Relationships

Former Head of Global Energy at Morgan Stanley, SVP responsible for global M&A and strategy at GE

8 - Bill

Dr. William (Bill) Heaps

Atmospheric gases scientist, deployed a methane sensor in space, received NASA Goddard Exceptional Achievement Award


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  • + 1 415 670 9300