Natural gas is overtaking coal in the energy race, leading to methane leaks – an environmental enemy 100x larger than CO2, and there is no way to detect it at such a scale

Bluefield Methane Software UI

Effective monitoring

We use backpack-size satellites with proprietary optical sensors to capture methane emissions data on each of the millions of sites around the world. The scale, speed and low cost at which we collect this precise data is unprecedented. Our clients simply subscribe to access alerts and analytics on their sites of interest.


Instant global coverage
Free of field logistics


100x cheaper vs. alternatives
Up to daily monitoring


Detect over 90% of emissions
Pinpoint emitting source


Actionable & clear reports
Digital subscription

Proven technique

We've miniaturized an optical technique that's been proven effective in 12 NASA space missions. Our sensor detects the spectral signature of methane in sunlight that is reflected off the ground. We then use machine vision algorithms to further enhance the optically rich data our sensor captures.

Bluefield's microsat (Bluebird)

The “Breathing monitor” of our planet

Mapping and tracking every critical emitting source on our planet is crucial for reducing emissions. Knowing what is emitting, when, and how much, can make a massive impact towards addressing the biggest challenge of our generation.


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