The natural gas industry faces new requirements for risk disclosure. Bluefield’s satellite-based methane detection service is a scalable solution to meet this challenge cost-effectively and keep gas at the core of the global energy transition.



Daily measurements, everywhere in the world


Detects over 90% of emissions, pinpointed within 20 meters


100x cheaper than drones or helicopters


Methane is a greenhouse gas 100x more powerful than CO2, and leaks from oil and gas operations are a major threat to the future of the industry. However, despite $6 billion a year spent on leak monitoring via helicopters, drones, and trucks, the threat has only grown.

  • Unacceptable financing risks for investors and lenders
  • $30 billion annually in lost revenues worldwide
  • Accidents resulting in loss of life and billions in costs

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Bluefield uses a proprietary, miniaturized version of a sensor technology previously deployed by NASA on 12 missions. By mounting this sensor on several backpack-sized microsatellites – and enhancing the raw data with our proprietary machine vision algorithms – we provide methane emission monitoring at a previously unthinkable combination of global coverage, high resolution, and low cost.

  • 90% reduction in monitoring cost
  • Detection of over 95% of industrial leaks
  • Leak location pinpointed within 20 meters
  • Daily measurements, global coverage
  • Data analytics delivered via secure portal
  • Reliable results due to robust sensor design (no moving parts)

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