Creating the "breathing monitor" of our planet

We’re on a mission to pinpoint and track each of the millions of greenhouse gas emitting sites around the world, every day.


Yotam Ariel


Former naval squad leader specializing in sensors analytics, founded an energy startup with operations in 15 countries

Richard L. Lachance


Ph.D. in optics, deployed 6 satellites for clients including NASA, developed chemical detectors for NATO

Giancarlo Cesarello

VP of Strategy

Former senior geoscientist at Shell and Schlumberger, pioneered data products with thousands of users

Vincent Delisle

Senior Data Scientist

Led teams at multi-billion dollar tech firms and startups, Ph.D. in optics, pioneer of AI techniques

Nicole O’Keefe


Researcher at U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Stanford, public relations support for Qualcomm and Dell

Alexandre Thibeault

Lead System Design

Engineering at CERN (world’s top particle accelerator), implemented control systems for energy companies


Chris Hadfield

Space Operations

Former astronaut and commander of the International Space Station, received NASA Exceptional Service Medal

Lisa Bencivenga


25 years of leadership in aerospace and commerce compliance, supported clients including Boeing

Dr. William (Bill) Heaps


Atmospheric gases scientist, deployed a methane sensor in space, received NASA Goddard Exceptional Achievement Award


  • Speak up and halt operations immediately when noticing even the smallest safety hazard — Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE)
  • Find a third alternative, never compromise. Look together for a solution better than what “I” came up with, and, better than what “you“ came up with. — Creativity
  • Our planet = our responsibility. We make decisions of what we choose to do each day accordingly. — Ethics


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Remote Sensing Data Scientist


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