Turning photons into insights

Advanced optical design

Sunlight hits the Earth and bounces off to space at the speed of light. When it hits a spot that is emitting methane, the methane blocks part of the light spectrum, leaving a unique spectral signature. Our microsatellite-based sensor captures the light that is reflecting off the ground, and by using advanced optics, instantly recognizes the unique spectral fingerprint of methane. Our sensor design allows us to see over 20,000 spectral lines that together make that unique methane fingerprint. This enables perfect identification of methane emitters. In comparison, competing sensors only see 20 spectral lines, and are therefore prone to errors and blind spots.

Third-party validation

Our sensor performance has been blind tested and validated by third-party methane detection experts. Over 200 controlled methane releases have been conducted in the field to test our sensor’s sensitivity in real-world conditions.

High altitude testing

We’ve completed successful testing of our tech from the edge of space, with two high-altitude balloon flights, reaching 100,000 ft.

Machine vision algorithms

Once we downlink the stream of optically rich images that our sensor captures, we then apply proprietary machine vision algorithms which extract tiny bits of useful information, even when it’s buried in an enormous amount of noise. That gives us the ability to detect the majority of industrial methane emissions and leaks.