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[Press release] Bluefield Takes the Lead in Methane Detection: the Florida Leak

Bluefield Technologies, a leading technology firm specialized in methane detection and tracking, was the first in the world to identify a significant methane release that occurred in Florida.

Bluefield’s BFX-2, an advanced emission detection algorithm, spotted the massive methane release in north central Florida on May 2, showing off its ability to use meteorological and other data sources to deliver precision greenhouse gas monitoring.

The detected release of about 300 metric tons of methane is equivalent to 25,200 metric tons of CO2.

Bluefield’s BFX-2 continuously analyzes satellite data from around the world, including European Space Agency Sentinel-5P – Tropomi methane data.  The images below show the methane release occurrence on May 2nd and its drift on May 3rd.

As shown in the images above, although Bluefield’s BFX-2 identifies the general area of the methane release, the European Space Agency Sentinel-5P – Tropomi methane data only provides a 20 km precision. Bluefield has built a best-in-class methane detection sensor that provides a 20 meters precision and plans to send it into space in 2022.  The combination of Bluefield’s leading BFX-2 data analysis algorithm and its methane-detection sensor will revolutionize global methane and other greenhouse gas detection.



The methane release area (May 2nd) is within a radius of 20 km around LAT = 29.7832, LON = -82.2594

May 2nd had weak/no winds (matching the symmetrical plume). The measurement on May 3rd shows the methane plume traveling along the direction of the wind. May 1st and May 4th had moderate winds.

The methane release (enhancement over the relevant area) was at least 170 metric tons on May 2nd, 2020, and, during measurement on May 3, the cumulative amount was 300 metric tons.

The images contain modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2020, that has been processed by Bluefield’s proprietary BFX-2 data algorithm and analysis tool, and visualized over Google images

The BFX-2 factors wind history, humidity, pressure, and other key data to enhance methane quantification

Methane is 84 times more potent than CO2 over a 20-year period. That is roughly the equivalent of what 25 million cows belch in one hour.

Bluefield was founded in 2017, and has offices in New York City, USA and Quebec City, Canada


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